Bundles bundles bundles!

By @ 05/08/15 in news

TownCraft Metrocide Combined ImageAs the headline of this short blog post subtly suggests, both our released games are currently in bundles for PC and Mac!

First up, Metrocide, the relentless cyberpunk arcade stealth-shooter (with very positive reviews on Steam) is in this week’s Humble Bundle! This comes through our Aussie distribution label Surprise Attack, which has us bundled with a whole HEAP of other amazing Australian games, including Over The Top Tower Defence (self-explanatory, really) and Particulars, a weird quantum physics arcade puzzler which was developed in the same office space as Flat Earth! (Hi, Paul and Saul!)

Then there’s TownCraft, our very first baby, which is going on this week’s Indie Gala bundle.

So grab Metrocide for mega-cheap here: https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly

Or grab TownCraft for mega-cheap here: https://www.indiegala.com/weekly

And hey, tell your friends! The Humble pack is in support of Oxfam and Save the Children.


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