Super Death Fortress

Super Death Fortress and Super UNDEAD Fortress – Out Now for iOS!

sdf_screen_02sdf_screen_03Super Death Fortress is an artillery shooter for iPhone where you inflict gloriously pixellated hyper-violence upon wave after wave of enemy soldiers.

Super UNDEAD Fortress is its spooky counterpart, where you must slaughter unnamable horrors before the sun rises…

Check out the official web site here!


  • Simple, touch-and-fling interface makes shooting hilarious and fun!
  • Wave after wave of chaotic and devastating mayhem!
  • Per-pixel fully-deformable terrain
  • Upgradable fortresses
  • Awesome weapons inspired by games like Scorched Earth and Worms!
  • Snipers, grenadiers and riflemen are lining up to take you down
  • We will fight them on the battlefield, on the beaches and in Pixelgrad(tm)


Super Death Fortress  and the spooky Super UNDEAD Fortress are OUT NOW for iPad and iPhone.