Support / FAQ

METROCIDE (2014, Windows/Mac)

Where can I find out more about Metrocide?

Why, on its official web site, of course!

I’m having difficulty playing Metrocide. Can I get tips for the game?

Metrocide is tough, we know. But don’t worry – the internet can help you! We have a full player-manual available at the official web site, or we recommend one of the Metrocide Let’s Plays on YouTube – especially the two we did with developer commentaries!

Metrocide has crashed! Or I’ve found some other bug!

Better let us know. You can email your bug report (with as much information as you can!) to

What happens if I’m able to beat Metrocide on the hardest difficulty setting?

This depends entirely on whether or not you currently have a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle in your inventory, but I would suggest bragging about it online on either the Flat Earth Games Facebook Page or on the Official Metrocide Twitter account!

If Metrocide is so great, why hasn’t it yet been the first video game ever to win an Oscar?

Well, competition in 2014 was abnormally tough, what with Interstellar and all (wow that was a great movie!), and we also have a hunch there’s a secret society out there who pay to keep Oscars only going to films. Seriously, how else could you explain that NOT ONE VIDEOGAME has ever won one? Huh? You can’t! Bread goes down – toast comes up! You can’t explain that!

Are there any Easter Eggs in Metrocide?

Not really, but there are so many references to 90s games that we grew up playing as kids that I don’t know where to begin. But hey! Tweet them at us as you find them and we’ll totally give you mad re-tweets from our various accounts. Especially the really REALLY obscure ones!

TOWNCRAFT (2013, iOS/Mac)

What is TownCraft all about then?

TownCraft (for iOS) / TownCraft (for Mac) is a game which blends crafting games (like Minecraft) with city-building games (like SimCity). You start off small, crafting your very first hatchet and building a shelter, and go all the way through to being the mayor of your own little medieval town, with farmers, shopkeepers, miners, fishers, millers and more.

Help! I don’t know how to craft / build…

There’s currently a wiki being put together by fans (and us developers too), and we upload Let’s Play videos with developer commentaries to our YouTube channel which will walk you through 10-15 minutes of the game each. Need more help? Drop us a note on Facebook, Twitter or just send us an email?

I’m experiencing problems with the game, what can I do? (iOS)

Make sure you’re running the latest version of iOS on your device and that you have downloaded the latest update for TownCraft – we’re making frequent updates to the game!

I’m experiencing problems with the game, what can I do? (Mac OS X)

The Mac version is the newest, shiniest version of TownCraft we’ve released. We will keep this section updated of any bugs people report, and our status on fixing them.

Problem: I’m having trouble running full screen mode on my Retina MacBook Pro.

Solution: We’re found this one out and we’re working on a fix right now. For now just leave it in windowed mode. There is some good news, though! Once the fix for this is out, you will also get shiny specially-rendered high res Retina graphics for TownCraft.

Problem: I can’t see anything I pick up, craft or harvest.

Solution: On a small number of Macs, the inventory isn’t rendering properly. We’re testing a fix for this now and it should be out within a few days.

I’ve read all that, and I’m still having a problem!

iOS: TownCraft is a big game, and takes a lot of memory. Certain apps on your iOS device can cause problems if they’re still running when you open TownCraft. If TownCraft is closing either immediately on load, during world generation or at seemingly-random times, this might be the problem you’re experiencing. Apps which continue to function in the background in some way – chat applications or the like – are often culprits here. Shutting down these apps is a good first step. If you don’t know how to close apps on your iPad, Google should be able to help – there are many helpful guides out there.

If that doesn’t solve the problem – then let us know, and we’ll see if we can help you.

Drop us an email letting us know as much detail about your problem as you can. Let us know if you were doing something specific when your problem occurred, or if there’s something in particular which isn’t working. Also, make sure to let us know what type of iPad you’re using and what version of iOS you’re running.

Oh no! I love TownCraft so much and yet I don’t own a tee shirt or anything! How can I fix this?

Why, by checking out our modest (but growing) range of tee shirts and other merchandise available to be shipped easily from the US, UK or Australia at Red Bubble!

Why isn’t TownCraft available for my beloved platform of choice yet?!? Are you trying to torture me??

Yes, probably. It really is ever so much fun! But seriously, we’re out now for iOS and Mac.

Other platforms will be announced when we’re certain things are running smoothly on other platforms – we don’t plan to stop updating any time soon. If you want to be kept in the loop when TownCraft hits your device, sign up to our email list saying what platform you’re interested in, and we’ll let you know when it’s available for you to grab. Simple!

Why, if TownCraft is so great, doesn’t it have a voiceover by Jeremy Piven?

A very good question, and just as soon as Mr Piven’s agent returns our call, we’ll rectify this and let TownCraft ascend to the true greatness for which it was born!

What’s next for Flat Earth Games?

We wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you, so we’ll keep our next game well and truly under wraps until we feel the time is right and we have a rough idea of when we’d release it, but for now I can tell you that TownCraft is destined for further platforms, and that our next game will once again be a totally different genre – we’re going turn-based strategy next!

Help! I’m unemployed and am awesome at making games!

Maybe we can help! Drop us an email with your CV. We’re not currently hiring (there’s only two of us), but who knows what the future may hold?