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CJDgbCtUAAA6CXbThe iPad, the two-seater extendable couch with soft arm rests to the iPhone’s uncomfortable bar stool now also has Super Death Fortress!

Grab it now and spread the word. You too might become Wonder Woman if you play! (Note: You totally won’t though – please don’t sue if it doesn’t happen).


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Leigh IGEA DA16 ReportRecently, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association launched is annual Digital Australia report, the most in-depth statistics about game consumption in Australia. They saw fit to ask our co-founder Leigh Harris about the current state of development.

So, want to get into game development in Australia? Want to know what it’s like for current devs?

Check out the video second from the bottom for Leigh and two other devs (including fellow Sydney developers Nnooo) discuss where Aussie development is, where it’s heading and what the biggest challenges are.

Also check out the other videos while you’re there! There’s vox pops from people studying game demographics, using games for health and education and just some cool examples of how people in Australia play games.

Check out the full Digital Australia report here. It’s fascinating and energising to read about the people who play the games we make.

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IMG_1269It’s official! In what has been described by the award-giver himself as ‘ultimately meaningless’, Objects in Space was given the award for being the ‘Game with the Most Deceptively Simple Name‘ at AVCon this year.

Actually, the journalist James O’Connor just wanted to give a shoutout to five games from the show and chose to give them each hilariously personalised award names. I think my personal favourite was ‘Game Most Likely to Pair Well with a Sixpack‘ (which went to Dungeon League).

So if you want to see a little press coverage of AVCon’s Indie Games Room, hit up the article and read a little about the first ever hands-on press coverage we’ve received for Objects in Space, as well as several other awesome Australian indie games!

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Hey there, Adeladians! Adeladeans? Adelaide-siders?

Well anyway, we’re here and are just gearing up to leave our hotel room and head to the AVCon show floor, where we’ll be part of The Indie Games Room!

Super Death Fortress has just launched and is free to grab on the App Store for iPhone (although if you manually select iPad, it’ll work for that too)!

Objects in Space is still in its very early stages, but we’ll have a pre-alpha combat demo playable at the show. A gameplay teaser, if you will, of how the combat will function in the game.

Come check out both games, say hi and let us know what you think of SDF!

Oh, and just for good measure, here’s a new screenshot of Objects in Space for #ScreenshotSaturday. 🙂



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TownCraft will be two years old on Sunday! That’s two years since version 1.0 was released on iPad at the very first PAX Australia in 2013. Two years since Flat Earth Games launched its first videogame.

Starting now on iOS and very soon on Steam, TownCraft will be 50% or more off until the end of its birthday.

If you know TownCraft, you’ll know we don’t put it on sale often. So tell your friends, spread the word, share it around and grab our new game Super Death Fortress (it’s free) while you’re at it!

A huge thanks to all our fans – everyone who’s ever bought one of our games. It still blows us away each and every day that you enjoy what we’ve made. 🙂

– The Flat Earth Games Team

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A mini-game we’ve been working on for the past few months has just hit the App Store today – Super Death Fortress for iPhone.

It’s a wave-based artillery shooter where you’ll inflict gloriously pixellated hyper-violence against your foes, utilising mortar fire, dynamite, carpet bombers and more! There are plenty of updates to come, so grab it now (it’s free to play) and stick around as more and more awesome forts, weapons and levels are rolled out in the near future!

Here it is on the App Store!



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IMG_1082This weekend, Flat Earth Games will be at AVCon in Adelaide as part of the Indie Games Room. We were there last year when AVCon attendees were the first public group to ever get hands on with Metrocide.

Check out the trailer for the event here!

This year, we’ll be there to LAUNCH our new iPhone game Super Death Fortress, as well as showing Objects in Space with a very early combat demo for those who are keen.

Super Death Fortress is a wave-based artillery shooter which we’ll be making  a lot of noise about very soon.

Objects in Space is a modempunk, stealth space trading game due out for PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.

Come to the Indie Games Room and say hi!

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gallery-thumbIf you’re able to get to Mackay, Queensland tomorrow night, you should definitely come along to Haven Expo!

It’s a pop culture expo and this year they’ve picked a few indie developers to fly up and talk about what they’ve been working on.

In our case (as anyone watching us yesterday would know), that means we’ll be showing Objects in Space, a stealth space trading game we’ve only just announced which is due out for PC, Mac and Linux next year!

Come say hi!

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Objects_LogoObjects in Space is a modempunk stealth space trading game set in a distant cluster of star systems called Apollo. You’ll manage your own ship from top-to-bottom – customise every feature and function as you try and stay alive in one of the most dangerous places in the universe.

BridgeUnlike most space trading games, where combat is represented much like World War II dogfighting, Objects in Space presents space combat as though the ships were Cold War submarines. You’ll be trying to stay silent while tracking enemies which are millions of kilometres away, poring over scanning arrays in the hopes that you get a lock on them without them finding you first.

Want the lowdown? It’s a big game, so it takes some serious explaining. Here are your three options:

1) Jump on to the all new Objects in Space web site which just launched today and check out the full backstory, details on the combat and engineering and much more.
2) Check out the latest issue of Indie Game Magazine online, which has a four page feature on the game!
3) Do 1) and then 2)

Happy hunting, and stay safe out there. Those asteroids are killers!


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sdf_screen_02A formal announcement about the game has yet to be made, but the next title from Flat Earth is a mini-game called Super Death Fortress!

It’s an artillery shooter for iPhone where you inflict gloriously pixellated hyper-violence upon wave after wave of enemy soldiers.

A temporary splash site has been created at, and we’re now taking emails from people with iPhones (running iOS 8) who are keen to play it ahead of time and give us feedback.

So sign up here (you’ll be added to the Flat Earth Games Mailing List) and help us destroy pixels with wild abandon!